Services I offer

Psychic Therapy

This isn’t your average psychic reading, I combine a number of intuitive abilities to help you out with everyday issues. I tailor each session based on your needs, so we may focus more on relationships, career, life purpose, or personal goals.

Energy Healing

The approach I take uses a combination of Usui Reiki and Chios Energy Healing to work with your entire energetic body. Depending on your needs, I remove blocks, cords, negative objects, align chakras, and restore balance to your entire energetic body.


Emotional and intense, my mediumship sessions are unique in that I’m connecting directly to the deceased and channeling them the same way I would with any living person. Please bear in mind I use a lot of energy healing in these sessions for both the deceased and the client.

Past Life Sessions

Unlike past life regression whereby the therapist puts you into a trance and guides you to seeing your own past lives, I travel into your past lives myself. I travel to three prominent lifetimes during one session, and provide historical research and my insights to give you the most accurate reading possible.

Things you SHOULD be asking a psychic

A few months ago I talked about things you shouldn’t be asking a psychic and I think it’s only fair that I also talk to you about what you should be asking a psychic, because maybe you don’t know, and maybe you want to have a reading someday but you don’t know where to begin because your life is complicated, and you know that asking an open ended general question isn’t going to get you into the nitty gritty of…

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The era of writing horoscopes has come to an end

Six years ago, content manager Hillary Fields of Live Person, also known as Kasamba and Presto Experts asked me to be part of a contributors community dedicated to providing horoscope content for liveperson.com and later kasamba.com. The gig was pretty simple. I was one of ten contributors who would provide monthly, weekly and weekend horoscopes. My task was to provide one weekend horoscope per month. This gig lasted for four years until in the spring and summer of 2015, a…

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Things you shouldn’t be asking a psychic

Lately I can’t help but feel bombarded by the number of questions that clients are asking that they really shouldn’t be asking, that psychics everywhere shouldn’t be answering and that nobody should be offended because everyone has the right to refuse to answer anything they don’t feel comfortable with. It’s the magic eight ball type questions that make me feel like I’m less of a person and more of a robot being wound up and let go to see which…

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Taking a scientific approach

It’s taken me over a decade, but I’ve finally done it, I opened a physical location, I have an actual local office clients can visit me at. It’s nothing fancy, it’s on the second floor of a co-op building in the exchange district of Winnipeg, but it’s the first place I’ve rented that has my name alone on it, no cosigner, no spouse, just me. It feels glorious to have a place like this, somewhere I can set up products,…

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We were unicorns

Originally, the travel section of this blog was designed so that I could talk about my worldly travels, about far off places and magical lands, my sojourns to ancient places and sacred sites. I’ve done a lot of traveling in the past few years, but more recently, I’ve visited Orlando, Florida twice in the past six weeks, and because this blog was meant for magical things, I’m going to talk about my friend Tommy and more specifically, why Florida became…

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You have the right to choose your experiences . . .

Last night I had a disagreement with a friend that brought up some interesting things that may help you in your own journey throughout life. We were discussing our relationships and came to a point where my knowledge, which I was stating as facts, caused friction with her, igniting doubts, fears and rejection. The topic itself is irrelevant, but the situation, the reason for the disagreement is what I wanted to shed some light on. We’ve all been brought up…

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The Merlion City . . .

From Australia I went to Singapore, not knowing quite what to expect, but stories compound and there was a place in Singapore I needed to see, the temple of Kwan Im. Years ago, I had a client visit the Kwan Im temple in Singapore in desperate search of a healer. Shortly after that visit, she found me, and I was the healer she needed. Without going into too many details, we went on an intense healing journey together, and both…

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The Sun, It Burns!

In January of 2017 I made my first excursion to the other side of the world. I have a friend south of Perth so it seemed only natural to explore this side of Australia. The flight was the longest I’ve ever been on, twenty four hours in the air, not including lay overs, and what absolutely surprised me the most is that more people weren’t taking to the bathrooms to brush their teeth or change their clothes. It’s very upsetting,…

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The Fairy Pools

We only had three days in Scotland, but they were the most magical three days I’ve experienced. There are things in Scotland we weren’t able to see or do, and we will have to plan a return trip, but this adventure was about a bridge and fairies. We landed in Inverness, which, if you’re familiar with the Outlander books and TV show, is very close to where the Battle of Culloden happened. That first day we went to the Clava…

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The Irish Aventure

It was 2016 when I decided it was time to travel the world. The decision came at the crux of a tough time in my life, relationship chaos, personal inner turmoil, this longing to be in far off places exploring ancient sites and cities that have existed for thousands of years. My first adventure was Ireland. Me and my sister Kailyn se off in August, 2016, on a long ten hour flight to Dublin. We were elated and excited for…

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